Learn About SEG Frames

At Direct LED Frames we enhance your creative vision and solve your design challenges.

Our lightweight aluminum frames for SEG Framing Systems are cost effective, durable, and easy to transport and assemble. Paired with our optional extension sets and installation accessories, your presentation displays become infinitely customizable. And most importantly, they make your SEG visuals and messaging look spectacular.

Any size is possible.
Single or double-sided.
Non-lit or lit with long-lasting energy efficient LED lights for maximum impact.
Wall, floor, ceiling, and ceiling + floor combination mounts.

Supreme Simplicity, Zero Aggravation
Our lightweight easily packable aluminum frames are vastly easier to transport,
assemble, and store than other types of signage. Requiring only a screwdriver, our frames’ simple connector system means anyone on your team can put them together.

Cutting-Edge Style
Direct LED Frames are highly sought-after by upscale retailers and trade show presenters for the sleek frameless appearance and contemporary sophistication SEG frames add to any environment. Already the standard in Europe, SEG Framing Systems are rapidly replacing the now outdated pillowcase style displays which require duller-appearance fabric prints to be stretched over tubes that are unwieldy for shipping and easily damaged.

Everything you need, FASTER
All of our products are in stock and most ship within 24 hours.

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Direct LED SEG frame 143mm with image heaven hill