About Direct LED Frames

It stands for Silicone Edge Graphic, which is a high-resolution image infused into reusable fabric that is finished with a silicone strip around its perimeter to allowing the textile to be seamlessly secured into a Direct LED Frames specialty frame.

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You can login into our online quoting system, you can do quotes save them and when the job is approved you can place the online.


We would need about 1 week.


About 1 week.

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SEG Frame Quote & Ordering System

A vertical suppot bar is a supoprt bar that goes inside the frame vertically from the top to bottom for support.

You can let us know how you would like to the cut down for shipping.

For example for Fedex and UPS you would want no length of the frame over 96 inches.

If the frame is be hung from the ceiling, you can add Ceiling Pendants part # FK-0361.

Why overwrite support rules?

If you know how your frame is going to be used and you would like to add supports bars or take out some of the support bars.


Depending on the frame, we have different lights solutions.

Shipping and Payment Methods

When a PO we can process your order.

Motor Freight is shipping order order with a trucking comany.

Normally Motor Freight shipping is used when the length of the frames are to long for FedEx and UPS or if the order has multiple frames and it’s more cost-effective to put all the frames on one pallet and ship them.

After you do a quote, you can save it and after the order is approved you can move it from saved quotes back into your cart and place the order.